Research in progress

Foster Care | Psy-Res




Foster Care

The relationship between family of origin and foster family

– Comparison of communication models in Italy and Switzerland.

– The construction of facilitating contexts.

Research by focus group and interview

Project manager: Anna Braca

Child Adoption | Psy-Res




Child Adoption

The experience of adoption applicants

– The impact of the selection process.

– The relationship between adopters and birth family.

-Comparison between Italian and Swiss judiciary system

Research by questionnaire

Project manager: Monica Malaguti

Shadow Reading | Psy-Res


Shadow reading in foreign language learning

– Shadow reading: the interference of emotional factors in learning.

Experimental study

Project manager: Piera Serra

PBSP Method | Psy-Res


The psychotherapeutic method created by Albert Pesso

– Potential application of the model.

–¬†Comparative ¬†assessment of different settings.

Project in progress

Project manager: Sally Potter