Sally Potter

Psychotherapeutic Method Project Manager

After a degree in English literature and language and a postgraduate teaching qualification (1976) from the University of Leeds, I became a teacher of 11-18 year olds.  By 1991, as Head of English and a member of my school’s Senior Management Team, I gained an MSc in Educational Management.

Subsequently I moved from the school system to train existing teachers in national educational reforms. During this period I also undertook training to learn to apply bioenergetics, a ‘mind-body’ (psycho-motor) therapy, to adult professional and personal development.

Two years in Cyprus changed my life and next career focus. My career in educational training and support was drawing to a close; I became involved in management development using applied bio-energetics. In 2003 I became a Visiting Fellow at the School of Management at Cranfield University, where I lecture regularly, facilitate personal development groups and contribute to leadership program as an executive coach. In 2011 I was certified as a Trainer and Facilitator in the UK THRIVE Penn Resilience Programme which uses positive psychology as its theoretical underpinning.

In 1999 I joined the first UK group training in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP). I am now one of five Certified PBSP practitioners in the UK, a PBSP Certified Supervisor, and am completing certification as a PBSP trainer. I have been studying and using this powerful emotional healing method for nearly 15 years and undertake advanced training with Al Pesso in the US every summer. I have been UK PBSP Training Coordinator since 2004.

Since 2005 I have added to my psychotherapy credentials, culminating in an MA in Relationship Therapy in 2011 from the University of Hull. I am an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.