Psychology and Psychotherapy Research Society is a NGO founded in Geneva in 2014 along the lines of a project conceived by Piera Serra. As a psychotherapy supervisor and juvenile judge, she saw the need to create a platform for collaboration allowing professionals and academics to verify hypotheses arising from professional practice.

Professionals engaged in the care of their clients often lack time and peer support to evaluate new psychological approaches in a rigorous scientific fashion.

In our association they can find peer evaluation and academic consultation. This facilitates the development of hypotheses and the sharing of results.

New ideas or new applications of existing theories are of great value to us: on receipt of your hypothesis, we will work with you to design a study and create a research team.

We have started an open access  peer-reviewed e-journal for psychotherapists and academics: E-Journal of Psychotherapy Research.

Our ethical principles

  • We respect the author’s intellectual property rights.
  • We adopt national deontological ethics and international codes of conduct in scientific research.