Shared Table

Ciao Table: An innovative model of shared table

Intervention aimed at counteract social isolation, well known risk factor for psychological and physical deseases

Launch of 4-5 seats shared table for lunch or aperitivo. The promotional campaign will be created on the basis of a survey conducted by interviews and by online questionnaire.

Pilot experience (in progress)

Brain Training

Brain Training and Mindfulness

Brain training aimed at improving cognitive capacities mindfulness

Does mindfulness improve brain training efficacy?

Qualitative research (in progress)

Project manager: vacancy

Foster Care | Psy-Res

Foster Care

The relationship between family of origin and foster family

  • Comparison of communication models in Italy and Switzerland.
  • The construction of facilitating contexts.

Research by focus group and interview

Project manager: Anna Braca

Child Adoption | Psy-Res

Child Adoption

The experience of adoption applicants

  • The impact of the selection process.
  • The relationship between adopters and birth family.
  • Comparison between Italian and Swiss judiciary system

Research by questionnaire

Project manager: Monica Malaguti

Shadow Reading | Psy-Res

Shadow reading in foreign language learning

  • Shadow reading: the interference of emotional factors in learning.

Experimental study

Project manager: Piera Serra

PBSP Method | Psy-Res

The psychotherapeutic method created by Albert Pesso

  • Potential application of the model.
  • Comparative  assessment of different settings.

Project in progress

Project manager: Sally Potter

Post-quarantine Audit

Post-quarantine audit cases

Some clients improved during the pandemic emergency. We conducted some cases audit trying to answer these questions:

  • What are the healing factors?
  • How can we stabilize the improvement?
  • Such improvement might suggest a therapeutic tool?
Evidence of misogyny

Evidence of misogyny from WhatsApp

During the pandemic some misogynist WhatsApp messages were reported.

We filed these videos and images: they are available on request to scholars or teachers or researchers.